The Emergency Department at Electra Memorial Hospital is a level IV trauma facility with 24-hour on-call coverage.

Our medical staff consists of physicians and nurse practitioners who can aid you back to recovery during an emergency.

Level IV Trauma Facility

A level IV trauma designation requires that all physicians covering the emergency room remain current in advanced trauma life support. It also requires that at least one registered nurse (RN) providing care during a trauma is trained in trauma care.

Level IV means that we have been certified by the State of Texas to provide basic stabilization and treatment of trauma patients. We also provide each RN with the opportunity to remain current in cardiac and pediatric advanced life support.

Experiencing the ER

Should you need to visit our emergency room, you will be assessed by an RN who may obtain your blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, body temperature, and oxygen saturation.

You will be asked details about your presenting complaint. It is always best to bring all of your current medications with you so that an accurate list may be obtained. The medical provider on call may order additional tests and/or medications.

If you have a primary care physician, it is best to contact them prior to visiting the ER (for non-emergency complaints). Often, your physician can take care of it by phone, saving you a visit to the ER. For basic healthcare services, we recommend you visit Electra Medical Clinic.