PICC Line/Midline

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A PICC line is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter which is a type of central line used for the administration of intravenous medications and for taking blood samples. PICC lines may stay in place for as long as a year.

Midlines are also peripherally inserted catheters, which are inserted into your upper arm above your elbow and travel up into the large veins of your upper arm. Midlines may stay in place for approximately 4 weeks.

 A PICC line is inserted into your arm and travels along the vein up into your chest and down into one of the large veins close to your heart. The other end will be accessible from your arm at a site above your elbow.

Why have a PICC line or Midline? A PICC line or midline is useful for patients who have small veins and/or require long term intravenous therapy, for example, over a week. PICC lines and midlines can deliver medications directly to the blood stream and reduce irritation to the veins, which can sometimes be caused by medications. It is also possible to take blood samples from the line.

A PICC line or midline can be used for:

· Taking blood samples

· Administration of intravenous fluids

· Giving intravenous drugs such as antibiotics, chemotherapy

· Giving blood products

 · Intravenous feeding

A PICC line or midline has the following advantages:

 · They reduce the need for needle punctures for blood tests

 · They can be used for long term intravenous access

 · They can be used for a wide range of treatments


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Not all patients are suitable for a PICC line or midline. Your provider will assess you to see whether a PICC line or midline will be suitable for you and your treatment.